Scrolls of Hope – Disaster Relief Package

 Bringing Hope To Victims Of Disaster

Anyone can contribute to the ‘Scrolls of Hope’ Disaster Relief Package.
The creation of this package is to inspire groups, clubs, and fundraising
events to pool their resources together to help a victim of disaster get back on their feet.

Contribute To The Scrolls Of Hope
Disaster Relief Package

Scrolls of Hope - Disaster Relief Package
Each package contains a variety of items that will help in most emergency situations. It includes basic personal hygiene items, towels, a blanket and a pillow to help with general care and comfort. For more extreme situations, we have included an emergency shelter, water-holding container, flash light and a rain poncho. To pass the time, there are playing cards, game books, crayons and writing accessories. To help carry these items there is a small sports backpack and a large convenient duffle bag.

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