American’s come to the aid of those in need from recent hurricane

House destoyed

As people emerge from the safety of shelters and return home after the rage of Hurricane Irma, we are getting an idea of the storm’s damage. Hurricane Irma has left scattered patterns of destruction throughout Florida and other southeastern states. The estimated cost of $100 billion dollars of damage and Florida alone, 12 deaths have been reported thus far. American’s come to the aid of those in need.

Areas affected by this current wrath:

  • Florida Keys – an estimated 25 percent of homes were demolished and an additional 65 percent were extensively damaged in the Florida Keys. At least two people have died, but it is unknown whether the storm was responsible.
  • Miami – Five-foot storm surges also sank and beached dozens of boats, and flooded the roads and buildings in some of the city’s most expensive districts like Brickell.
  • St. Augustine -Many roads are still blocked by debris and flooding—stalling emergency vehicles—and homes have collapsed and had their foundations eroded. At least one person died from a heart attack.
  • Marco Island – Many cell towers toppled over, 15 homes lost their roofs or suffered other serious damage.
  • Jacksonville – most severe flood since 1864, The 5-foot storm surges submerged park monuments and the roads resembled rivers. Fires and trees falling on homes caused numerous injuries. The situation in Jacksonville could become even more disastrous, as the water levels are expected to rise and fall in the coming days.
  • Naples  – Residents experienced 6-foot storm surges and almost 12 inches of rain. Homes collapsed and had their roofs ripped off due to the over 140 mph winds

A way to help is to contribute to the ‘Scrolls of Hope’ Disaster Relief Package.
The creation of this package is to inspire groups and individuals to pool their resources together to help a victim of disaster get back on their feet.


Contribute To The Scrolls Of Hope Disaster Relief Package

Each package contains a variety of items that will help in most emergency situations. It includes basic personal hygiene items, towels, a blanket and a pillow to help with general care and comfort. For more extreme situations, we have included an emergency shelter, water-holding container, flash light and a rain poncho. To pass the time, there are playing cards, game books, crayons and writing accessories. To help carry these items there is a small sports backpack and a large convenient duffle bag

Choose your contribution

Contributions range from $1.00 to a complete package. As contributions are received they are pooled together to assemble and send Disaster Relief Packages to those in need. If you would like more information please visit us at or go directly to view the Victims of Disaster page.

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