About Good Scrolls

Thank You Notes

Dear Friend,

Everyone should have the opportunity to be part of a movement towards goodwill. By joining us in thanking the people who have come together to send you this gift you will be able to make an impact in their lives as well and continue the growing trend towards raising morale and lifting spirits. This helps in bettering the lives of everyone.

The use of a Thank You note is to express gratitude to the person who sends a gift. Every message that is sent through ‘Scrolls of Hope’ includes a Thank You note. There is an area inside the note that is left blank specifically for your personal message. Also included is a pre-stamped and pre-addressed envelope to send the Thank You note back to us.

Once we receive Thank You notes they will be posted on our message board and social media sites at www.scrollsofhope.com for all to see. For every Thank You note we receive ‘Scrolls of Hope’ will contribute $1 to the Victims of Disaster fund. ‘Scrolls of Hope’ will also donate 25 cents for each photo or video included of the recipients with your bottle, scroll, and gift, with a maximum of up to four photos. Photos can be emailed or sent by text to photos.scrolls@gmail.com.

On the back of all ‘Thank You’ notes is an identification number. This number is included on all communications to us from the recipients. Everyone who sends a message of inspiration to a person in need will be assigned a unique number. All messages and gifts are given directly to the individual in need, this provides full privacy between parties.

Spreading goodwill is an admiral effort, doing it great can be a challenge. Sending thanks inspires others to continue the trend of spreading hope and happiness to those who need it most. Visit our website to see your posts and to start your own adventure in spreading goodwill.

Be well, have gratitude and spread goodwill.