Joseph Badame’s Misfortune Leads to His Destiny: Saving Lives in Puerto Rico

Joseph Badame

What do you do when you have lost everything you have built in your life?  You give to those that have lost more.

Medford survivalist Joseph Badame with some of the many barrels of dried food and supplies he has accumulated over the years.

By Rebecca Everett | For

The shelter Joseph Badame built and his accumulation of supplies — enough so that 100 people could live there — was Badame’s life’s work. He and his wife built the place, with its subterranean living area and lead-lined bomb shelter, along with outbuildings. For forty years, they filled them with everything they’d need, from coal furnaces and kerosene refrigerators to barrels of food and other supplies.

Mr. Badame lost his wife in 2019 and now he’s losing it all now, after the bank foreclosed on his property. “I’m losing this house,” he said, looking at the building from his driveway Monday. It’s a blow to a man who is still heartbroken over losing his wife. “This will never be a survival dwelling for Phyliss or myself.” But, he admits, his passion for creating the perfect shelter has diminished since his wife’s death, and there are few family members and friends left to worry about saving.

Badame decided that instead of selling the food at the sale, he would ship it all to Puerto Rico. It will feed people who desperately need it, even if it’s not the people they originally intended. “I’ve lost everything. My wife, my house, everything,” he said. “The last thing I was going to lose is the food. It was going to be trashed.”

Finding his purpose in getting the food and supplies to Puerto Rico has lifted his spirits. But on top of that, he also found a kind of adopted family. He moved the RV he’s living in into the yard of Barber and Martinez-Barber.


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