When Grandma With Alzheimer’s Can’t Do Her Puzzles, Teen Comes Up With Perfect Solution

Mary Frates has always adored doing word searches, but after dementia set in as she aged, the 86-year-old found herself unable to participate in her favorite pastime. Saddened by his grandmother’s inability to tackle word searches, 17-year-old John Frates came up with a perfect – and simple – solution. The teen from Needham, Massachusetts created a…

Scrolls of Hope for the Elderly

Aging is a natural part of life., and It begins from the moment we are born. Although strangely we don’t seem to think about ourselves or our loved ones growing older. Often when this time in life arrives we feel unprepared and alone. The natural order feels reversed as the younger help care for the older. Those who need help for the first time have a hard time accepting it. Scrolls of Hope sends messages of hope and understanding letting them know that they are cared for and cherished.

Send a ‘Message in a Bottle‘ along with a caring package

Take a moment and think about how your words will make a difference in someone’s life. These few words from you could prove essential in changing a patient’s outlook and is what makes Scrolls of Hope so unique.There are a few guidelines in working with our affiliates in exactly what is written. You may want to look through our collection of thoughtful notes for inspiration, which meets these guidelines as you write your personalized messages. All of our pre-written messages are editable once you select one as a starting point. There is also an option to include a photo or image on your scroll.

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