Posted Thanks

As this is a new site and  just on its way, we were asked to provide a way for recipients to show thanks.

As we developed this idea, we have had the opportunity to send our messages and caring gifts anonymously to some of our friends and family.

The reaction, always the same.  A poring out of delight and happiness.  The nurses wanted to know how they could get more to pass to others and the closest of kin loved seeing their loved ones joy in receiving such a surprise.  This reaction drove us forward in our goals.  Everyone wanted to thank the senders of such a marvelous and personal message and gift.

In preparation, we’ve created this page. This is where we will be displaying Thank You Notes, Images and Videos of people receiving your message and the accompanying gifts. We hope to have and overflow of respond and a impact felt around the world.

We wish you good luck in sending a little hope and goodwill into the world.