How One Woman Changed a Homeless Man’s Life

Hope for Victor Hubbard

Victor Hubbard had been standing on the same street corner waiting for his mother to return for the last three years – that is, until Ginger Jones Sprouse finally decided to step in and lend a hand. Victor, who is a mentally ill 38-year-old homeless man, was dropped off at the corner by his mother and… Continue reading How One Woman Changed a Homeless Man’s Life

Every day Hero’s Mindful eye makes a difference

Groom Jumps into River While Shooting Wedding Photos to Save Drowning Child

This wedding groom did not care about his expensive suit or the photoshoot after his wedding on Friday – he cared most about rescuing a little boy in trouble. Clayton Cook and his now-wife Brittany had just tied the knot at their wedding in Cambridge, Ontario this weekend when their photographer, Darren Hatt, took the couple… Continue reading Every day Hero’s Mindful eye makes a difference

Let Your Creative Love of Life Dance

Follow Little Dancing Girl’s example and be inspiring.

This 6-year-old girl is taking “dance like nobody’s watching” to a whole new level. A video of Loren Patterson dancing at her children’s choir performance is going viral. As you watch the video, remember what it means to be in the moment.  Find the youth in your heart and get out there and dance to your inner music.  Continue reading Let Your Creative Love of Life Dance

When Grandma With Alzheimer’s Can’t Do Her Puzzles, Teen Comes Up With Perfect Solution

Mary Frates has always adored doing word searches, but after dementia set in as she aged, the 86-year-old found herself unable to participate in her favorite pastime. Saddened by his grandmother’s inability to tackle word searches, 17-year-old John Frates came up with a perfect – and simple – solution. The teen from Needham, Massachusetts created a… Continue reading When Grandma With Alzheimer’s Can’t Do Her Puzzles, Teen Comes Up With Perfect Solution

I just love this!

Cubs Fans Help Elderly Man With Cancer Enjoy Playoff Game: ‘I just love this!’

Chicago Cubs fans aren’t just die-hard enthusiasts – they are also compassionate spectators as well. Lauren Hinkston Hintzsche and her husband were at the playoff game between the Washington Nationals and the Chicago Cubs yesterday when they witnessed a heartwarming exchange between the people sitting next to them. CHECK OUT: Woman Praised For Making Sure Blind… Continue reading I just love this!

Organizations Bringing Thanksgiving to Everyone

The Bowery Mission

On Thursday, November 24, 2016, The Bowery Mission served Thanksgiving Day meals to more than 7,800 men, women, and children in all five boroughs of New York. At the Mission’s flagship location, over 650 volunteers prepared traditional turkey dinners and served over 1,700 guests in the Mission’s century-old chapel, with music and festive decorations for the holiday.

Over the course of the day, our volunteers worked hard to generously serve traditional Thanksgiving meals to our guests from 8 am to 7 pm.

On Thanksgiving Day alone, The Bowery Mission serves eight times as many meals as we do on an average day. Private donations from thousands of supporters make this all possible.

Meals on Wheels

The Walk to End Hunger is a family-friendly 5K fun walk presented by The Mosaic Company. Held on Thanksgiving morning in the Mall of America, it’s a great way to start your holiday off right – giving back before you give thanks!
Thank you for participating in the Walk to End Hunger! Click on an Organization below to support. 

Lighthouse Mission

Thanksgiving Food Urgently Needed!
This Thanksgiving, many families on Long Island will not be able to afford food for a full Thanksgiving meal.
Help meet the need by donating Frozen Turkeys, Canned Goods, Stuffing, & More.
Frozen Turkeys Are Especially Needed
Here is a link to a list of needed items. PDF List

Lighthouse Mission box trucks go out stocked with emergency food, clothes & other necessities. At each outdoor location, staff and volunteers unload and set up the boxes and bags of food and clothes. Each morning there is a brief volunteer orientation meeting.


Island Harvest

Fighting hunger is more than providing meals. At Island Harvest, we know that we also must fight the root causes that lead to hunger.
So, even as we provide needed food to people in need, we also provide support and referrals that help them to overcome the barriers that lead to food insecurity. We help Long Islanders to address educational and employment needs … and meet challenges in getting access to healthcare and leading healthy lives … and battle problems in finding or maintaining good housing.

To have a Thanksgiving event listed: call 631-892-4187 or E-mail the information to

About Scrolls of Hope

Scrolls of Hope provides a warmhearted way for individuals or groups to personally reach out to people in need with continuous messages of support and encouragement.

Through Scrolls of Hope, you can help improve the well-being of a child, patient or senior citizen who is in a hospital, nursing home, or hospice. Send them an uplifting message of goodwill written by you. Your personal message is imprinted on beautiful scroll paper, rolled-up and sent to them in a collectible vintage bottle. Every scroll of hope is sent with a caring gift to the establishment of your choice.

There are also special programs for soldiers, homeless and disaster victims. With these programs, your personalized message in a bottle will be included in a support package that contains useful items to help make a difficult life easier

Blessed are the children.

Teen Boys Filmed Giving Duvet to Homeless Man and Tucking Him In

Millenials may get a bad rap for being the generation introduced to smartphones, but these three Polish teens are a perfect example of how youngsters are just as kind and compassionate as everyone else. Last December, Szymon, Wojtek, and Marcin were wandering down a street in Nysa – a city in southern Poland – when they… Continue reading Blessed are the children.

Joseph Badame’s Misfortune Leads to His Destiny: Saving Lives in Puerto Rico

What do you do when you have lost everything you have built in your life?  You give to those that have lost more.

Medford survivalist Joseph Badame with some of the many barrels of dried food and supplies he has accumulated over the years.

By Rebecca Everett | For

The shelter Joseph Badame built and his accumulation of supplies — enough so that 100 people could live there — was Badame’s life’s work. He and his wife built the place, with its subterranean living area and lead-lined bomb shelter, along with outbuildings. For forty years, they filled them with everything they’d need, from coal furnaces and kerosene refrigerators to barrels of food and other supplies.

Mr. Badame lost his wife in 2019 and now he’s losing it all now, after the bank foreclosed on his property. “I’m losing this house,” he said, looking at the building from his driveway Monday. It’s a blow to a man who is still heartbroken over losing his wife. “This will never be a survival dwelling for Phyliss or myself.” But, he admits, his passion for creating the perfect shelter has diminished since his wife’s death, and there are few family members and friends left to worry about saving.

Badame decided that instead of selling the food at the sale, he would ship it all to Puerto Rico. It will feed people who desperately need it, even if it’s not the people they originally intended. “I’ve lost everything. My wife, my house, everything,” he said. “The last thing I was going to lose is the food. It was going to be trashed.”

Finding his purpose in getting the food and supplies to Puerto Rico has lifted his spirits. But on top of that, he also found a kind of adopted family. He moved the RV he’s living in into the yard of Barber and Martinez-Barber.


How You can help.

Contribute to the ‘Scrolls of Hope’ Disaster Relief Package. The creation of this package is to inspire groups and individuals to pool their resources together to help a victim of disaster get back on their feet.

Contribute To The Scrolls Of Hope Disaster Relief Package

Each package contains a variety of items that will help in most emergency situations. It includes basic personal hygiene items, towels, a blanket and a pillow to help with general care and comfort. For more extreme situations, we have included an emergency shelter, water-holding container, flashlight and a rain poncho. To pass the time, there are playing cards, game books, crayons and writing accessories. To help carry these items there is a small sports backpack and a large convenient duffle bag.

Choose your contribution

Contributions range from $1.00 to a complete package. As contributions are received they are pooled together to assemble and send Disaster Relief Packages to those in need. If you would like more information please visit us at or go directly to view the Victims of Disaster page.