The Courage of a Lion

Watch Heroic Homeless Man Come to Defense of Female Cop, ‘Something had to be done’

Police in Columbia, South Carolina praised a homeless hero last week who came to the aid of a female police officer being overpowered by an assailant during an arrest. In a gas station parking lot, she was knocked to the ground several times by the much larger man who had attacked the store clerk while wielding… Continue reading

8 year old Boy Rescued

Officer Punches Through Frozen Pond to Rescue 8-Year-old Boy

Sergeant Aaron Thompson is being hailed as a hero after he punched through a frozen pond on Monday evening in order to save a young boy who had fallen through the ice 30 minutes beforehand. The 8-year-old from New Harmony, Utah had been chasing his dog when a neighbor saw him fall into the water. WATCH:… Continue reading

Police Officer Uplifts Homeless Man

Instead of Issuing Citation, Officer Gives a Hand-up to Homeless Panhandler

Michael Myers has spent years panhandling for money to pay for his breakfast, lunch, and dinner – but now, thanks to a compassionate police officer, he may finally be on his way to getting off the streets and getting a job of his own. In the past, Deputy Jacob Swalwell of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department… Continue reading

Burger King Drive-thru Worker Helps Diabetic Woman

Following her instincts, Tina Hardy Fast Reaction Time Save the Day

Rebecca Boening was driving by herself on the interstate when her blood sugar became dangerously low. After stopping at a fast food restaurant, however, she found a guardian angel in the drive-thru worker. Because Boening has diabetes, her low blood sugar “makes it difficult to think or act”. When she felt herself start to get faint,… Continue reading

Every day Hero’s Mindful eye makes a difference

Groom Jumps into River While Shooting Wedding Photos to Save Drowning Child

This wedding groom did not care about his expensive suit or the photoshoot after his wedding on Friday – he cared most about rescuing a little boy in trouble. Clayton Cook and his now-wife Brittany had just tied the knot at their wedding in Cambridge, Ontario this weekend when their photographer, Darren Hatt, took the couple… Continue reading

When Grandma With Alzheimer’s Can’t Do Her Puzzles, Teen Comes Up With Perfect Solution

Mary Frates has always adored doing word searches, but after dementia set in as she aged, the 86-year-old found herself unable to participate in her favorite pastime. Saddened by his grandmother’s inability to tackle word searches, 17-year-old John Frates came up with a perfect – and simple – solution. The teen from Needham, Massachusetts created a… Continue reading